Saddlebrook Community Damage Notice

Dear Saddlebrook at Shelborne Neighbors,


In the past few months, we have had three unreported accidents in our neighborhood, one affecting the stop sign in the front of the community and most recently two light poles. We understand weather can play a part in these, and accidents happen, but taking responsibility and notifying the Homeowners Association Management Company is imperative. Damage to community property should be covered by the driver’s car insurance carrier. Unfortunately, in these circumstances when responsibility is not taken the HOA will instead have to cover the expenses and homeowners will likely be asked for increased dues or special assessments to cover the costs. Please practice common courtesy to your neighborhood and do the right thing if you damage any property. Notify your insurance carrier and Omni Management Service 317-541-0000 as soon as possible.

We are currently working on establishing internet connection at the front of the neighborhood, so we have available camera footage moving forward in an attempt to help provide further security and surveillance of our neighborhood. We will be collecting estimates to fix the light poles and stop sign and will be determining if an increase in dues or assessments are needed.



Saddlebrook HOA Board